A 15 minute Free booking With Easy Review Will Revolutionise Your Business

A 15 minute Free booking With Easy Review Will Revolutionise Your Business

Consumers want businesses to have strong online presences and are more likely to trust a product with a wide range of good, quality reviews. Easy Review can help grow the number of people reviewing your business, especially those with positive experiences.

Easy Review Has Proudly Worked With Many Brands

Easy Review Has Proudly Worked With Many Brands Here Are Just Some Of Them

Here Are Just Some Of Them

How Can Easy Review Improve Your Business’s Online Presence?

How Does Easy Review Work?

After loading your customers, EasyReview will ask them to rate your business from 1 – 5. For ratings 3 and below, we ask the customers why they felt that way and give you feedback. If the customer leaves a rating of 4 or 5, they are asked to leave a review on Google.

Where Do The Reviews Come From?

Using a combination of email and SMS, EasyReview contacts your customers for you, automating the process of requesting and collecting positive reviews and feedback.
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What Type Of Businesses Can Benefit From EasyReview?

Due to the nature of modern consumers, any business can benefit from having a strong online presence and thus benefit from EasyReview. Any business with ties to the service industry relies heavily on customer perception and can benefit from the positive influence EasyReview has. This includes:


Don’t Wait Any Longer

Start Your 15 Minute Free Booking With Easy Review And See For Yourself Just How Much Your Business Will Benefit

Studies show that consumers are less likely to trust a company that doesn’t have an online presence and even less so a business with too few reviews or reviews that are not recent or relevant. Take matters into your own hands by encouraging positive reviews from satisfied customers and deflecting negative ones with Easy Review. Just two weeks will prove how beneficial Easy Review is. You won’t know how you were without it. By acting now, a free trial of Easy Review comes with the bonus of a free optimisation for your Google My Business profile valued at $295.
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