Getting Started

Congratulations, your account is now setup.

Please read the following carefully…

If you have connected Xero, there really is nothing more to do, unless you want to send a request to previous customers. New customers will automatically get a review request once they have paid their invoice. (Automated requests are sent at 10am for maximum response.)

If you have a list of existing customers you would like to send to, we do have a list import option. Please click here for more information.

If you did not yet connect Xero, or if you want to add a customer not paying via Xero, you can do so via the form on the ‘Request A Review‘ page (see the top menu above).

If you change your mind and want to update any of your details, or connect to Xero at a later time, you can do so via the ‘My Account‘ link (also in the top menu above).

That’s it. Enjoy collecting lots of new business reviews 🙂