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Quickly, Easily & Automatically

Good reviews make sales. Reviews left on Google My Business, Facebook & TripAdvisor can be make or break to a business. So don’t leave things to chance – encourage positive reviews, and deflect negative ones with EasyReview…

“A great review is great. A bad review is the worst.”

– Don Winslow

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Add your customers
EasyReview will ask them how they rate you 1-5
If 1-3, they are asked why, and we send you the feedback
If 4 or 5, they are asked to leave a review on Google

Why Use EasyReview?

Because reviews are that important

Reviews are perhaps the number one influencer online - both quantity and quality. The more 5 star reviews, the more business.

Because EasyReview does the hard work

Using a combination of email and SMS, EasyReview will automate the process of asking for and collecting reviews.

Because you don't want bad reviews

EasyReview checks that your customer had a good experience before asking for the review. If not, feedback is kept private.



Up to 75 review requests
Negative reviews filtered
Email and SMS requests


Up to 200 review requests
Negative reviews filtered
Email and SMS requests

For more requests per month, please request a custom quote.